Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my sickness

So I had to work the biggest tournament of the year at my job, I work at a golf course. I had to be at work at 5:30 a.m. I was not looking forward to it. All of the people I hang with had been sick, throwing up and well you know what else. Luckily I hadn't caught it yet but sure enough it hit me at the worst time. I was greatful to be working with my best friend Brandi. She let me go home early so I wouldn't be miserable. I got so sick and dehydrated my mom came in and found me on the floor by my toilet shaking really bad. She took me to the hospital to get an IV so I could get some of my liquids back. It was a ruff night but am really thankful for my mom.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Being in this advanced composition class has had me thinking alot. I am always having to write papers or update my blog so my mind is constantly roaming. I got to thinking about everything I have written and my writing has put alot of things in perspective for me in my life. I have written about vacations, my dog, my jobs, and my relationships. I guess having to analyze everything I have done and how I felt about it made me realize more. The experience of this class has been great. I feel sonfident in having good writing skills now.

Chasing Shug

Last night around midnight I was unloading a few things out of my car and my dog Shug ran out of the front door. Since he doesn't get to roam freely due to him being deaf he was excited not to be on a chain and took off. I was barefooted and by the time I had ran for a few minutes in one direction he was gone in the other. I thought I was never going to catch him. I figured well if he doesn't come home I'm just not going to have a dog any more because I can't keep up.After a few stickers in my feet, a fall in the mud, and running through the woods I was exhausted. I ran back to my house and got in my car thinking maybe I could catch up with him. It took a while but I finally got his soaking wet, no minding ass in the car. I was irate. I really could have killed my dog. Needless to say he slept outside and hopefully learned his lesson.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My Opa's Birthday

Yesterday was my Opa's (grandfather in german) birthday. He was 82, all of his paper work says that he is 84 though. This is because my grandfather is a survivor of the Holocaust only because he lied about his age. Every year on his birthday I think of this and it makes me realize how precious he is to me. The only survivor of the entire family and he means the world to me. He teaches me everything he can and his words always inspire me. I am very lucky to have the granfather that I do. I am also very lucky to have him healthy and living at the age of 82. I hope and pray he will be here for many more years to come. I really enjoyed having his birthday dinner at Outback with the family.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Grandfather

This sunday is the annual Holocaust Memorial Commemoration. I always attend being that my grandfather is the only survivor of our entire family. It is a big deal and everyone should know what happened so they don't forget. At the commemoration 11 candles are lit in honor of the 11 million people killed 6 million being Jews and 5 million being non Jews. My grandfather, which I call Opa, has lit a candle each year as long as I can remember. Rose Van Tyn always gives her speech and does a wonderful job even though her accent is so strong you can barely understand her. Ther are awards given to high school students that send in essays they have written. There are 3 prizes. All different money amounts for kids to use for college. I think it is great. The news is always there and it is in the paper also. If anyone is interested it will be on Sunday at Summer Grove Baptist Church ,aka the old South Park Mall, at 3:30. Dress well.

the pain Im im

I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. Today is tuesday and my face is still swollen, I would love to feel full. Hunger is horrible and the pain makes it even worse. Not to mention the nausea that the medicine causes. Im not sure if my sticthes will dissolve or if they have to take them out but I just want to feel better. Im not good with pain, it kind of freaks me out. I go back to work tommorow and was supposed to go back to school today but due to the thnder storm my electricity went out and my alram didn't go off. Sometimes I wonder when I can get a break. I hoping to end my class with a good grade and give my self a breal so I can start over in the fall and do well.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got a new job!

I woke up, went in for the interview and as of today I don't wait tables any more! Thank goodness cause that was starting to get old! Now I will be workinjg with Brandi at Olde Oaks Golf Club, I worked there twice before so I'm sure I will enjoy it. My life is changing and it is pretty scary but I guess thats a part of it. I will probably move soon to be closer to work but am also nervous about that. I have my own place and living with someone is terrifying, having to watch what you say and do is going to be hard. Getting used to how other people are is hard too. I hope it works out, i think it will have to.